Michael Wilkinson Foundation




To provide hope and opportunity in the fight against substance abuse, and to help change the stigma of addiction by focusing on educating, creating awareness and building self-esteem and confidence.






Why we started this foundation?

  The Michael Wilkinson Foundation was established in 2016 for the purpose of providing assistance to those who need help in their Fight Through Addiction with a particular Focus on helping those with out the financial means or income. Michael was born June 27, 1990, and attended primary, secondary and high school in Arlington, Texas.  He graduated from Martin High School in 2008. His passions included art, music, writing and skateboarding.  He had an infectious sense of humor, warm and caring heart and always had a way of making others laugh.  He was a kind and loving person who was always willing to help others in need, but was ultimately unable to help himself in battling the demon that is addiction.  After a 2+ year-long battle with opiate addiction and multiple periods in rehabilitation facilities, Michael lost his fight at the young age of 25 on November 9, 2015.
  This is one of many tragedies and another sad statistic that has become all too common in this era we refer to as an “opiate epidemic.” As his family, we created this foundation in Michael’s memory to offer hope to others.

We have this hope as an
anchor for the soul, firm
and secure.
— Hebrews 6:19


Our fight

Focusing on Prevention
The foundation offers eight $2500 scholarships to graduating seniors in
Arlington Independent School District, taking into consideration GPA, Community Involvement and Financial Capability.  AISD SCHOLARSHIPS


Focusing on Treatment/Rehabilitation
We support the National Association of Recovery Schools.  This is a non-profit organization
of accredited high schools for youth coming out of rehab facilities who have the desire,
drive and commitment to a life of sobriety while earning their high school diploma. Two
of these schools we are supporting are:
  Serenity High, McKinney, TX
    • Building a brick and mortar building instead of temporary buildings
    • Counseling for attendees and families
    • College scholarships for graduates
    • School supplies

  Mission Academy, Oklahoma City, OK
    • Counseling for attendees and families
    • College scholarships for graduates
    • School supplies
    • Outside events / field trips / “Sober Spring Break” trips

Simply Grace House for women
    • A non-profit organization that provides Sober Living Homes for recovering addicts


Focusing on Grief Support
The foundation will support organizations for families who have lost a child/sibling



All donations go directly to the charity. All major credit cards are accepted. We will also accept personal or corporate checks. Please mail checks to our address listed below. If you would like to volunteer please fill out the contact form below or call us at 817-478-6207.



   The Michael Wilkinson Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization
   registered with the Internal Revenue Service. All donations are
   tax-deductible. There are no paid employees. All our staff are
   volunteers for the Michael Wilkinson Foundation.